MAXIMA PHOTO © 2020 Laura Massimiliani

In February 2019 one of my photos was chosen as the ‘winner of the month’ of the One Day Contest in Venice curated by the Giudecca 795 Art Gallery, where in September 2020 the collective exhibition of the 2019 winners is set up.

In June, I join PhotoMilano, an important Milanese photographic collective at the Spazio Tadini founded and directed by Francesco Tadini.

Thus I participate in numerous initiatives including the Off Fringe Festival and the Run For Life of which PHOTOMILANO is media partner. A photo of me, in October, is chosen for the PhotoMilano group show at Novegro Photo Day, of which a catalog has also been created.

In November one of my photos was selected for the collective photo exhibition SPIRIT de Milan organized by OTTO – Rooms & Photogallery (Rome) in collaboration with Photomilano.

Also in November I am chosen, together with 4 other photographers, to be part of the New permanent project of PhotoMilano, CREO which identifies people or projects to grow into an essential study function.

On show six photos of each one that are the starting point of the work they will do followed by the curator month by month.