MAXIMA PHOTO © 2020 Laura Massimiliani

My name is Laura Massimiliani and I am a photographer.

I love writing stories and I am much better at doing it using a camera.

Three years ago, my nomadic soul knocked. I opened the door and started traveling, new horizons, places, people, landscapes, cultures, foods, noises, smells, always together with my camera.

Lights, contrasts, colors, depths, evanescence … these are the letters of my alphabet, with which I tell stories of love, travel, large and small moments, observed and photographed.

Instinct work, without poses. Perhaps unconsciously. I follow intuition. I like to capture sudden moments, I like to capture those moments in which people and things reveal themselves.

I especially love freedom. It is she who guides me, in work and in life.

My home is by the sea or in front of a snowy peak. My studio is the world …